Winners of the First Annual Gull Lake Ice-Melt Contest Announced

Gull Lake Ice Melt Contest Winner

Faith Fiordalis picks up her Bell Tower gift certificate with Dick Boris of Boris Realtors.

Faith Fiordalis collected first place this year, along with $250 from the Bell Tower Outdoor Living Company of Richland, MI. Her guess, April 6 in the PM, was right on the nose (the ice was gone at 11 PM on April 6).

And the runners-up are ..

  • Regan Tustin
  • Steven Verity
  • Jack Thompson
  • Eric Vanderwagen
  • Wednesday Townsend
  • Makenzi Bezemek
  • Joyce Salisbury
  • John Kotan
  • Donald Peterson

Jack Thompson collected 4th place and $50 from the Richland Home Center

Prizes Announced – Gull Lake Ice Contest 2013



1st thru 10th place prizes have just been announced by Dick Boris at Boris Realtors  (home of the BayCAM), and they go something like this …

  1. $250 – Bell Tower Outdoor Living Company
  2. $100 – Gull Lake Marine
  3. $100 – Mission Pointe Steak & Seafood House
  4. $50 – Richland Home Center
  5. $50 – Bloomers
  6. $50 – Changes
  7. $50 – Serafino’s
  8. $50 – Cattrell’s Engine Repair
  9. $50 – Pizza King
  10. $50 – East Egg

Good luck everyone. Think Spring!

If you haven’t already entered, the entry form is right here.


It’s ON!, the 1st Annual Gull Lake Ice-Melt Contest [CONTEST CLOSED]


How to participate:

  1. Use the form below to make your prediction
  2. One entry per person will be accepted
  3. Each day is broken into two time slots: Midnight to noon (AM), noon to midnight (PM)
  4. The winning time will be when the ice is gone from the Bay and the end of the big BORIS DOCK
  5. This will be judged by the Ross Township Supervisor
  6. PRIZES: 1st place – $250, 2nd and 3rd places – $50, 4th through 10th places – $20 (update: Prizes have been announced .. and they’re EVEN BETTER!)
  7. Multiple winners will be randomly selected by a blind draw.Winning names will be drawn by the Ross Township Supervisor
    Prizes will be in the form of Gift Certificates from local

The contest is now closed. Good luck to those who entered. Hopefully, we’ll have the results fairly soon. Think Spring everybody 🙂

Gull Lake Ice

The first Bay has 4 to 5 inches of ice. There are about 50 ice fisherpeople on the Bay right now. Lots of good fishing going on.
Most of the second Bay is open water.
I’ll keep you posted.